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Fister Electric is a local Missoula Business that was started by Gale Fister in 1966. From that time until the early 70's Gale primarily worked residential and small commercial jobs around the local area with a small crew. At this time, the business grew to include wiring sawmills across Western Montana, and one of Gale's sons joined the business.

By the early 80's Fister opened an electrical shop with two of Gale's other sons in Evanston Wyoming during the oil boom. In 1985 Fister closed the doors in Evanston and the two sons that were there joined the work in Missoula.

In 1982 Fister Electric was given a chance to gain some work at the pulp mill in Missoula. They became a union shop then in order to do this work. In 1987 the fourth son finished college and came back to Missoula.

Since then Fister Electric has done substantial work in the Missoula area. They have also branched off into Fiber optics, networking, Fire panels, and Phones. They have been licensed and worked in Idaho, Wyoming and Washington.

Currently two of Gale's sons are running the business:
Bob Fister - 40 years of experience with Fister Electric
Bill Fister - 28 years of experience with Fister Electric

These are some of the areas that we specialize in: