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Specializing in Municipal Water Systems

Fister Electric, Inc. has years of established experience with wiring and doing maintenance on Municipal Water Systems

We have wired multiple Water Booster Stations from the ground up and regularly do maintenance assistance at different municipals in Western Montana. It is something we both enjoy and bring a lot of experience to. We take pride in working with the local community, helping them keep their systems running and performing well. Our experience is vast: we understand the electrical side of things, as well as the mechanical side.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

We have also lot of work with Municipal Waste Water Treatment Facilities and Water Systems. We have wired several such places from the "ground up" and regularly do maintenance & work on many different systems. We have also designed & built several lift and pumping stations.

  • Creston Fish Hatchery- Effluent Treatment System
  • Charlo Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Pablo Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • St. Regis Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Lincoln sewer lift station controls upgrade

Our years of experience in this specialized field can benefit you greatly. Give us a call at 406-543-7542 for any of your needs, whether a minor service issue or a major install.