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"To Whom It May Concern:

Fister Electric has provided electrical and instrumentation services at Smurfit Stone Container, Missoula Montana for 26 years. This industrial plant produces liner board. At one time the mill ran three paper machines with supporting equipment such as, Recovery Boilers, boilers, digesters, evaporators, caustizing plant, wood yard, chipper & log yard, produced all of the steam, air and water supply to make the product. The electrical systems, instrumentation/electronics, networks, computers, servers, etc are some of the most complex and highly sophisticated systems available to the industry, Fister Electric, led by Bill Fister was the primary contractor most responsible for new installations, capital jobs, switch gear replacements, upgrades, fiber optics and the list goes on and on. Fister Electric is highly respected by both the company and hourly work force. They have always been fair, honest, on time, on schedule, a company you could always count on. I would certainly recommend Bill Fister as an individual and Fister Electric as a contractor, his and their skills and work ethics would definitely be a benefit to any prospective employer."

Louis Presta
M&E Manager
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation