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"To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Gordon Greninger and I have held the Position of Senior Project Electrical Engineer from April 2000 until the present at the Missoula Mill of Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation in Missoula, MT. Unfortunately, it has been announced that the mill will be permanently closed in the beginning months of 2010.

During my tenure as project engineer, I contracted with Fister Electric for at least six major projects and many smaller projects. Bill Fister and his company have always accomplished a superior job to what they were assigned. I used them to find out information for projects, to assist with the engineering drawings, to install equipment, to connect electrical feeds to devices, and to help in checkout.

Fister Electric is very reliable in what is expected of them. If the completion date was unreasonable, they told us so; otherwise, they did their part to be done by the date specified. If there were errors in the drawings, they would point them out to us and help resolve them. They were very accommodating to changes which always seem to occur in projects.

I highly recommend that you use Fister Electric for your installation or project."

Gordon H. Greninger
Former Senior Project Engineer